Good Reviews So Far!!

A gripping introduction to the dangers of allowing the rise of the ultra-right, or in fact fanaticism of any sort, mixed with Spanish history.
I’m already looking forward to the sequel!

A thoroughly enjoyable thriller that maintains its suspense right to the very end. The author captures Spanish life expertly with his attention to detail references to local wines, food, cities and history from the period of the Christian reconquest of Spain from the Moors. The threat posed by the rise of the far right in Spain and across Europe is successfully interwoven into the plot.

Beautifully atmospheric descriptions that fully submerge you in Spanish culture and leave you with a desire to go and visit Granada and the Alhambra. Modern, relatable and imperfect characters who you could easily be friends with, or in some cases, dislike immensely!
I really enjoyed learning about Spanish history and politics as I read and I found myself doing my own research along with each chapter. I love that the history is so entwined in the story and it doesn’t feel at all rammed down your throat or like you are reading a textbook.
As another reviewer stated, I think it would make a fantastic film.
To summarise: an excellent read.

‘Unputdownable’ is greatly overused in general, but this novel qualifies unreservedly! It is not simply a whodunnit but combines fascinating Spanish history with modern storyline. The characters are developed throughout the unfolding story as history becomes inextricably linked to political movements. Thought provoking and intriguing. It would make a fabulous film. Can’t wait for the next novel from this exciting new author!

I felt I was living the adventure and intrigue and learnt so much about the history of Spain. The story flowed well and snd the characters were strong. A remarkable first book. I would love see a sequel.