Granada, Spain 1492 Boabdil, the last King of the Moors, is making plans that could change the course of history forever. Meanwhile, the Christian Queen and King, Isabella and Ferdinand arrive to claim the Alhambra, the last piece in their jigsaw of reconquest that ends a magnificent 800 year Arab rule of Al-Andalus. The actions of all three set in motion a chain of events that will resonate across the next centuries. But Boabdil’s plan is far more long term.

2017 Lucy E. Hawksmoor, lecturer, history detective, and finds the present crashing in on the past as far-right groups try to stop her quest to find the final resting place of Boabdil, the last King of the Moors. Lucy meets the mysterious Gloria who claims to have clues to its location. Lucy is unaware of the danger until she receives threats and an Muslim student is murdered. But who can she trust? Is Gloria who she claims to be or a member of a Jihadist group? Is Inspector Gomez up to the task of tackling such violence and protecting Lucy? As Far Right groups from across Europe gather in Granada something has to give. Will Lucy find Boabdil’s tomb before her enemies, and if she does, what will be the consequences for the Muslims of Spain?